Wednesday, 3 June 2009


As we are travelling through Peru and Bolivia, we needed to get ourselves some anti-Malaria tablets. I went along to see the nurse, had a nice chat about the various options and then plumped for the ones she recommended. According to the nurse these were “quite expensive” but had the least side effects. Sound investment, surely.

A quick trip to the chemist later and I was the proud owner of 60 tablets, albeit having paid £160 for the privilege. This seemed quite steep but nonetheless preferable to Malaria.

I then had a very interesting chat with Dan about his prescription. Dan had also obtained 60 tablets, but with one critical difference – his had cost him seven quid.

The question is then; has Dan been sold imitation Malaria tablets? Or have I been mugged, even before setting foot in South America.

Time will tell…

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