Thursday, 11 June 2009


That’s it for our time in Rio. We ticked off all the standard tourist sights – Sugar Loaf mountain (left), Christ the Redeemer, the Favellas etc – as well as putting in some beach time. We also made a trip to the Maracana Stadium to watch a match on Sunday night. Our adopted team won thanks to a late goal against the run of play - it was just like watching Leicester.

A week felt like the right amount of time in Rio and I’m ready for something new. That said it might be the last time we see beach weather until Fiji and I suspect I’ll miss Copacabana when it’s zero degrees in the Andes. As such, and with regret, the shorts have been relegated to the bottom of the backpack.

Next stop is Lima (Peru) for a couple of days before we head off up the Inca Trail.


Small world – 6 days in and we have already met five Deloitte employees (important to note that this is by chance) and a bloke who was in the same pub as me on Christmas eve.

Miracles – in spite of spending a week on and off Copacabana beach, Dan remains sunburn free. No idea how he’s managed that, the man would burn in a fridge.

Negotiation – Do not negotiate with shoe shiners. This may result in them asking you if “you want trouble”. Needless to say we did not.

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