Monday, 29 June 2009

Peru to Bolivia

Right, I think a bit of an update is in order, especially given that we are not even in the same country anymore. Arguably a little negligent that.

To bring you up to date, we crossed the border from Peru to Bolivia yesterday, Dan hiding his cold symptoms for risk of being quarantined on the grounds of swine flu.

That brings an end to our time on Peru. After the Inca Trail we spent a couple of days in Cusco, before flying down to Puno. Once in Puno we spent two days on Lake Titicaca, staying the night with a family on one of the Islands. Protests on the roads then halted our progress for a couple of days. See Dan’s blog ( for a painfully accurate accountant of our activities during these slow days. .

Luckily Peruvian’s can’t be bothered to protest on Saturdays and so we finally made it onto our bus from Puno to La Paz. 9 hours, 3 buses, 1 ferry and a taxi later and we arrived in La Paz. The city is 3,800m above sea level (Mount Snowdon is only 1,085m) and is flanked on mountains on all sides. Its not the prettiest place in the world, but I can see a glacier from my window and you can’t say that very often.


As I write, we have just got back from a night out at a local wrestling match. Highlights of this outing included:

- A woman coming round at half time with face masks for “swine flu”. Key point here being that we had already been in the place, which was basically a converted school hall, for an hour and a half.

- The final bout, which was between a 30 year old woman and a bloke dressed as Spiderman, ended with said woman dousing Spiderman in petrol and setting him on fire. South American health and safety at its best.

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